Not Sure How You Should Decorate Your Home?

Arrange for interior decorating services in Naperville & Aurora, IL

Do you keep going back and forth on furniture, décor and layout? If you're not sure how to set up a room, turn to Brook Knows Best. We offer interior decorating services in Aurora, IL and the surrounding area.

You can trust us to:

Measure the space and sketch your design, including custom storage solutions | Remove trash and unwanted appliances, furniture and decorations | Shop for and assemble new furniture and storage solutions

Schedule an appointment with our organization consultant today. Our rate for 2021 is $100/hour/organizer in session increments of 3 hours each.

Consultations are complimentary if they are virtual or within 50 miles of 60542. Long distance consultation fees are credited towards any purchase signed and paid for within 72 hours. We require a discovery call first (approx. 20 minutes) to see if your needs qualify/fit our services and to see if a virtual consultation is an option for you.

Trust us to handle the entire process

A lot of work goes into our interior decorating service. Our team will:

  • Bag and remove trash
  • Sort out and take any donation items
  • Design, curate and implement organizing solutions or use what you have on-hand
  • Categorize and place everything in its new spot
  • Provide hands-on assistance with moving and sorting - let us be your feet!
  • Style the space
  • Take measurements and provide custom space planning
  • Give you a beautiful interior design
  • Handle personal shopping
  • Install and put together simple solutions and furniture
  • Provide mindset coaching
  • Create systems to improve flow and communication

Set up an appointment with our organization consultant right away. If you live in the Naperville & Aurora, IL area, be sure to ask for a free quote.